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Get a Flat Stomach with Tummy Tuck Surgery in Tulsa

Tummy Tuck Surgery Tulsa

When working out and eating healthy aren’t helping you achieve that flat and toned stomach you dream of, talk to Dr. Cuzalina about the tummy tuck surgery in Tulsa. The tummy tuck is the perfect solution for anyone with a protruding stomach, excess skin around the midsection, or stubborn fat that isn’t responding to diet and exercise. If you are at a healthy weight and have realistic expectations about the outcome of this body contouring procedure, you could be a candidate for a tummy tuck.

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2014’s THE Aesthetic Awards in Las Vegas

As Dr. Cuzalina gears up for 2014’s THE Aesthetic Awards in Las Vegas, check out the highlights from last year’s show. Congratulations to Dr. Cuzalina for his big win last year for "Best Overall Patient Enhancement," as well as to the fellow nominees and winners! Dr. Cuzalina is excited to join his colleagues for the show this year in July.

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How Liposuction in Oklahoma Can Help You Get Slim for Summer

Liposuction Oklahoma

Are you working hard to slim down for summer? Diet and exercise can help you shape up for swimsuit season, but sometimes those healthy habits aren’t enough to get rid of those stubborn pockets of fat. Fat around the midsection, upper arms, and around the inner thighs can be very resistant to even the most intense workouts and aggressive diet plans.

If you really want to look and feel your best this season, consider undergoing a liposuction procedure to finally lose that stubborn fat! This cosmetic procedure can get rid of those extra inches and help you sculpt your figure.

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3 Facial Surgery Procedures for a Youthful Look

Facial Surgery Tulsa

If you are worried about the signs of aging creeping up on you, consider some of the latest options for facial surgery in Tulsa. Our team of cosmetic surgeons at Tulsa Surgical Arts can recommend procedures that will create a more balanced and symmetrical look for your face. We can also perform procedures that will tighten loose skin and enhance collagen production to create a more contoured and aesthetically pleasing look.

Here are three facial surgery procedures that can help you achieve a youthful look:

3 Ways Liposuction in Tulsa Will Get Your Body Ready for Summer

Liposuction Tulsa

Bathing suit season is almost here and you may already be shopping for a new bikini or putting together that summer wardrobe! If you’re self-conscious about a few bulges and figure flaws that are making it difficult to find clothes that fit properly, consider the benefits of liposuction before the season even begins. Now is a great time to undergo a minimally-invasive procedure like liposuction in Tulsa so that you can enjoy results before beach and pool season is in full swing.

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