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Why Board Certification in Cosmetic Surgery Matters

If you have been shopping around for a cosmetic surgeon or have done research about your procedure, you may have found tips or advice recommending that you work with a board-certified professional. However, NewBeauty magazine, a publication that describes itself as the ‘beauty authority’ made a few mistakes about this subject in its recent issue. The article, “Not All Doctors Are the Same,” from its Winter/Spring 2015 edition contains factual inaccuracies and misinformation. Here’s what you need to know about board certification, why it matters, and the magazine’s recent blunder:

Lose the Holiday Fat with Liposuction

Liposuction Oklahoma

Did you gain a little weight over the holidays? If you came out of the holiday season with a few extra inches around your waist, hips, and thighs, consider undergoing liposuction to reshape your body. Liposuction Oklahoma is a very effective fat reduction procedure that can target some of those stubborn problem areas. If you have always wanted a more sculpted figure and are ready to say goodbye to those fatty pockets and extra bulges for good, talk to us about the benefits of liposuction.

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Improve Your Appearance with a Rhinoplasty Procedure

Rhinoplasty Oklahoma

Have you always been self-conscious about the size, shape, or look of your nose? Many people feel that their nose is one of their biggest flaws and often explore the idea of getting nose reshaping surgery to change the look of their nose. Rhinoplasty continues to be one of the most popular procedures among men and women who are looking to make a positive change in their self-image, and it could be the procedure you need to enhance your look.

Here’s how a rhinoplasty procedure can improve your appearance:

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Patient Transformation - Marla


Marla decided it was time for a change. She worked in field with younger people and she wanted her features to match how young she felt inside. She said, “I was feeling like I was looking older and tired but that just wasn’t the case. I had seen changes coming to how I looked and I just wanted something different. I wanted to look like a refreshed and more youthful me!” So, Marla decided it was time for a facelift.

Marla began researching cosmetic and plastic surgeons in Tulsa and Oklahoma City online and talking to friends. She learned about the highest standards of care and she knew she wanted the safety and personal attention that came with an ambulatory surgical facility like the one at Tulsa Surgical Arts. As she began to check out Dr. Cuzalina online, she knew she wanted a consultation with him for her procedure.

“My decision was made after having an informed consultation with Dr. Cuzalina and seeing the before and after photos I was shown. Dr. Cuzalina was able to show me a computer imaging program that was visually helpful in showing me what my end results would be like.” And, that was how Marla chose to do a facelift and eyelid lift. “Dr. Cuzalina was very easy to talk with and he was a good listener, asking me what changes I was looking for. He gave me direction on how things would look and I didn’t feel rushed."

So Marla informed Tulsa Surgical Arts that she was ready to have her facelift and eyelid lift with Dr. Cuzalina.


Marla had complete confidence in Dr. Cuzalina and the team at Tulsa Surgical Arts as she proceeded to her surgery. She also felt like the setting put her at ease. “My first impression of Tulsa Surgical Arts was that I felt very comfortable there. I was greeted by beautiful, professional women that made me feel at home. It was not a sterile-feeling environment like most doctors’ offices. Going into surgery, this just felt right for me!”

Marla had her facelift and eyelid lift from Dr. Cuzalina that day. Following the surgery, she stayed in one of the guest suites at Tulsa Surgical Arts, with a nurse caring for her in the early hours of recovery after her surgery.

“There wasn’t any nervousness and there was no anxiety,” Marla said. “I’d never done anything like that before but they took great care of me. Overall, my experience would be absolutely rated a 10 on all levels!”

A few years following her surgery, Marla moved to San Antonio but her story with Tulsa Surgical Arts didn‘t end there or with her facelift and eyelid lift.


Following my facelift, I got so many compliments,” Marla said. “People said it took twenty years off my face.” She told many friends over the years about the excellent treatment she had received at Tulsa Surgical Arts and Dr. Cuzalina‘s work showed in the results for Marla.

Most before and after stories end there. But, after five years, Marla was living in San Antonio when she was motivated to make one last change in her appearance: a rhinoplasty or cosmetic surgery on the nose. Instead of seeking out a cosmetic surgeon in San Antonio or going to nearby medical powerhouse city, Houston, Marla chose to return to Tulsa Surgical Arts. “Because of my prior results,” Marla said, “I wouldn’t consider another surgeon other than Dr. Cuzalina.”

Marla had another successful procedure with her rhinoplasty and a mini-facelift to touch up her previous facelift from five years earlier. “These procedures have literally changed my life in a very positive way,” Marla said, happily. “if you want to look and feel younger,” she advises others, “do this for you!”