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Refreshed and Rejuvenated: Dermasound Plus

Feeling like your skin could use a boost? We can help. Meet Jo Dee Killingsworth, Tulsa Surgical Arts’ licensed esthetician. Under the guidance of Dr. Cuzalina, Jo Dee and the staff at our MedSpa offer a variety of cosmetic treatments to help you look and feel rejuvenated. At our MedSpa, we are dedicated to helping you feel confident in your skin. We are proud to offer Dermasond Plus, an advanced exfoliation treatment that utilizes the latest ultrasound technology. Dermasound Plus helps treat aged, tired, and dulling skin.

Get the Curves You Want with a Brazilian Butt Lift


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More and more, women want curves—and the most desirable among those curves: a whittled waist and a larger butt. Hard to achieve through diet and exercise, many women are turning to cosmetic surgeons to help them achieve the much sought after bubble butt. With the help of the Brazilian Butt Lift, Dr. Cuzalina can help you achieve this curvaceous look. As one of the most requested procedures at Tulsa Surgical Arts, the Brazilian Butt Lift’s popularity is not limited to the Tulsa area, in the last year, the Brazilian Butt Lift saw a 16% increase.

What to Consider When Thinking of a Breast Reduction

What to Consider When Thinking of a Breast Reduction

Do you feel self-conscious about your breast size? You are not alone, Breast Reduction is a growing trend as women take control of their bodies and embrace a reduced chest size. Boost your confidence this summer with a Breast Reduction.

Also known as a reduction mammoplasty, a Breast Reduction removes excess fat, skin, and tissues, leaving you with breasts better proportioned to your body. It is important that you know what you want from the procedure—go into your consultation with Dr. Cuzalina with clear expectations about your desired outcome.

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Why Board Certification in Cosmetic Surgery Matters

If you have been shopping around for a cosmetic surgeon or have done research about your procedure, you may have found tips or advice recommending that you work with a board-certified professional. However, NewBeauty magazine, a publication that describes itself as the ‘beauty authority’ made a few mistakes about this subject in its recent issue. The article, “Not All Doctors Are the Same,” from its Winter/Spring 2015 edition contains factual inaccuracies and misinformation. Here’s what you need to know about board certification, why it matters, and the magazine’s recent blunder: