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How can you help Tulsa Surgical Arts provide you with the best results for your breast augmentation? Here are 3 important tips to achieve your best breasts.

As the number one cosmetic surgery in the country, many women have been flocking to their cosmetic surgeon’s office for breast augmentation. In order to make sure that you end up with the best breasts for your body, here are three important tips to consider.


#1 Bringing an image for your surgeon to copy is not the best idea

Many of us have walked into the hair salon holding a picture of a celebrity whose hairstyle we wanted, but when the chair was turned toward the mirror, it just didn’t look quite the same. The same thing can happen if you simply have your cosmetic surgeon copy the breasts based on an image of a celebrity or model that you bring in. The breasts of one woman just won’t look the same on another. When choosing your own shape and size, there are many things to consider from the size of your rib cage to the width of your chest. These factors and more will all be discussed with you at length during your consultation with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon so that your breast augmentation leaves you happy with your own personalized breasts and not a copy of someone else’s.

#2 Choose an implant that will provide you with a natural look

Oversized implants can often create a wide, bony gap between the breasts and may prevent the breasts from naturally falling to the sides when you lay on your back. Picking the right size and material for your implants is essential to maintaining a natural look. Where the incision is made can also make a difference by avoiding scarring in visible areas of the breasts. While some women often feel that the new silicone gel implants provide for a more natural look, others may benefit more from saline. Your cosmetic surgeon will help you pick the implants that will provide you with the results that you want.

#3 Practice proper breast care after surgery (and even if you don’t have implants)

Following your breast surgery, there are several things that you can do to help maintain them. Excess sun exposure breaks down collagen and skin elasticity around the breasts which may lead to drooping or sagging overtime. Breast implants will not make the breasts any more vulnerable to sagging, but the existing natural breast tissue must still be protected from excessive sun exposure by covering up and using sunscreen.

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