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3 Ways Liposuction in Tulsa Will Get Your Body Ready for Summer

Liposuction Tulsa

Bathing suit season is almost here and you may already be shopping for a new bikini or putting together that summer wardrobe! If you’re self-conscious about a few bulges and figure flaws that are making it difficult to find clothes that fit properly, consider the benefits of liposuction before the season even begins. Now is a great time to undergo a minimally-invasive procedure like liposuction in Tulsa so that you can enjoy results before beach and pool season is in full swing.

Here are three ways liposuction can get your body ready for summer:

1. Say goodbye to love handles. Those extra pockets of fat around the lower waist or flanks may be creating a muffin top when you wear fitted clothing. To make matters worse, those areas often don’t respond to diet and exercise. Say goodbye to them at long last with a simple liposuction procedure by Dr. Cuzalina who can perform a basic procedure to remove excess fat around the waist and create a streamlined silhouette. Soon you will look forward to wearing tight-fitting clothing with confidence!

2. Get sculpted legs. Many people don’t realize that extra pockets of fat around the knees and ankles can be removed with liposuction in Tulsa. You don’t have to be extremely overweight to accumulate extra fat around the knees and ankles—this type of fat distribution is usually genetic and, in many cases, the fat will not disappear with diet and exercise alone. If you really want to look good in those shorts, short skirts, and dresses this summer, consider getting liposuction for gorgeous legs.

3. Lose the bra bulge. If you have extra fat under the arms and around the upper back, you may be self-conscious about the ‘bra bulge’ when wearing tight-fitting clothing like tank tops or even when you’re sporting a swimsuit. Liposuction in Tulsa can get rid of that extra fat permanently, creating a very smooth and contoured appearance. The procedure can improve the look of your back and upper body, creating a more attractive silhouette. You might benefit from combining this procedure with an arm lift for an even more sculpted look.

Now is the perfect time to consider a minimally-invasive procedure like liposuction. If you want to get your body read for summer, set up a liposuction consultation with Dr. Cuzalina today!






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