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How ThermiVa® Makes Vaginal Rejuvenation a Breeze

Aging, childbirth, and even urinary incontinence are all reasons why a woman might consider vaginal treatment. At Tulsa Surgical Arts, we want all of our clients in Oklahoma to be able to improve their vaginal health without any unnecessary fuss. For this reason, Dr. Cuzalina recommends ThermiVa® for those busy moms and women out there. You might be surprised how ThermiVa makes vaginal rejuvenation so simple. 

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Smile! Lip Augmentation Is Easier Than You Thought

Lip augmentation may sound like an intimidating process to some, however, it can be much simpler than you might have suspected.  Enhancing and adding volume to the lips are often effectively performed with simple lip fillers or injections. Dr. Cuzalina and the staff at Tulsa Surgical Arts understand that many men and women desire to enhance the shape and fill of their lips, but are unsure about the process itself. Dr. Cuzalina is here today to alleviate those concerns by giving you a closer look at how lip fillers or injections can help you get the lips you’ve always wanted.  

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Top Three Misconceptions About Brazilian Butt Lifts

As people are beginning to pull out the shorts and the bathing suit bottoms, you may be wondering how to get your bottom summer-ready. Women everywhere want full, shapely backsides to improve their beach bodies this year. You may have considered a buttocks enhancement procedure, maybe even specifically Brazilian Butt Lifts, but misconceptions and myths about the surgery may have shooed you away. Today, Dr. Cuzalina wants inform all of his clients of the truth behind Brazilian Butt Lift surgery and what the results can do for you.

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Have Your Eyelids Been Looking Tired?


Cuzalina Bleph - Image

All the past years of squinting into the hot Tulsa sun can leave your eyes looking aged or tired. On top of gravity’s inevitable pull, the combined effects of sun damage and constant squinting could cause common problems such as loosened eyelid skin, puffy bags, and crow’s feet or frown lines. To help rejuvenate your eyes for all the upcoming summer events and photo ops, Dr. Cuzalina can help personalize your eyelid enhancement with both surgical and non-surgical options.


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Why Winter Is a Great Time to Consider Cosmetic Enhancement

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Always a great debate: when is the best time of the year to start your cosmetic surgery journey? While there is no right or wrong time—the winter season does provide an excellent opportunity. Although not necessarily better, the winter months often prove to be more convenient, easier, and comfortable for our patients at Tulsa Surgical Arts.

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