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Can Liposuction Sculpt a Person's Abs? Q and A on The Doctors

Can a cosmetic surgeon sculpt the abdomen with liposuction to create flatter abs or a "six-pack" appearance? This question is the subject of a recent episode of "The Doctors" daytime television show.

Blair Underwood from L.A. Law appears on the show, saying, “I am good right now with the 6-pack, but I hear there’s a cosmetic surgery you can do to work out the 6-packs when I am older. If there’s a cosmetic surgery for a man, let the brother know."

The doctors respond with a mention of Ultrasonic Liposuction, what Dr. Drew Ordon describes as “super-charged lipo.”

But can liposuction really accentuate a man's abdominal muscles? According to Dr. Ordon, a technique called "etching" can work in this manner. "We turn the instrument up, we bring it more superficial, to the skin, and actually etch out a six-pack,” he explains.
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