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Dr. Cuzalina Lectures with Co-Author of ‘Cosmetic Facial Surgery’ Book

Cosmetic Facial Surgery Niamtu

In 2010, Dr. Cuzalina helped Dr. Joe Niamtu write the popular and comprehensive facial surgery textbook Cosmetic Facial Surgery. Designed as a reference book for surgeons, students and laypersons, the book includes over 3,000 full-color photographs. Dr. Cuzalina authored the rhinoplasty chapter.

Recently, Dr. Cuzalina and Dr. Niamtu were in Las Vegas, where they lectured at an aesthetic meeting being held there. Dr. Cuzalina was only too happy to autograph a copy of this book at the request of another doctor attending the lectures.

Dr. Cuzalina's co-auther, Dr. Niamtu, is a teacher, surgeon and author who has authored four other textbooks and written numerous chapters in other books. He is a highly regarded public figure in the world of international cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic Facial Surgery Book

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