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Natrelle Provides Pre-Consultation Kit for Breast Implants

Have you ever wondered what you would look like with breast implants? These days, some women are finding the right look by ordering a Natrelle Pre-Consultation kit.

"It comes with these different sized inserts, so you can figure out which look you like," explains the young lady in this video from Natrelle.

The second half of the video is narrated by two plastic surgeons. "Before the pre-consultation kit, many women were asked to fill a plastic bag with different substances like hair gel or rice to simulate what a breast implant would look like," explains Dr. Jennifer Walden.

Now the options are greater and more accurate. Ordering a Natrelle Pre-Consultation kit gives women the freedom to try different implant sizes in the privacy of their own homes.

Watch the entire video to see real breast augmentation before and after photos from patients of different ages. Natrelle breast implants are available at Tulsa Surgical Arts in Oklahoma.
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