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Angelo Cuzalina, MD

Active FX

ActiveFX is a fractional laser treatment, designed to perform collagen remodeling to smooth out lines, wrinkles and scars. It can also tighten the skin, correct uneven skin tone, and reduce other irregularities. The improvement gained through Active FX collagen remodeling can continue to progress and become evident over time. During the procedure, high-energy columns of laser light are applied to the skin surface.

The term “fractional” refers to the way a fraction of the skin is treated, while many small areas are left untouched. This innovative method provides the benefit of quick recovery, allowing the patient to return to his or her normal routine sooner.

How many Active FX treatments will I need?

This laser treatment can achieve results in just one treatment. Also, the results of ActiveFX laser treatment can endure for quite a long time, especially with proper sun protection and skincare. 

Recovery time for most patients is about one week. During recovery, patients exhibit pink skin, similar to sunburn. Initial results become visible upon healing, while other more gradual effects related to collagen formation become more evident over time. For this reason, it’s not uncommon for patients to look even better 3-5 months after the procedure!