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Boost Your Figure with a Brazilian Butt Lift

Do you feel like your butt could use a lift but aren’t crazy about the idea of sitting on implants? If that’s the case, a Brazilian butt lift with Dr. Cuzalina could be right for you.

A One-Two Punch

The Brazilian butt lift does so much more than just enhance your backside. While the main focus of the procedure is to give enhanced shape and curves to your posterior, it can actually boost your entire physique to give you the feminine figure that you’re looking for. That’s because this technique uses your own tissues to augment your rear end, and they have to come from somewhere else on your body. Dr. Cuzalina will use liposuction to slim down other problem areas where stubborn fat has built up—usually around the abdomen, lower back, or thighs. The augmentation of the buttocks and the reduction of fat in those surrounding areas with liposuction will give your body a slimmer, more contoured appearance.

For Good Candidates

In order to be a good candidate for a Brazilian butt lift with Dr. Cuzalina, you’ll need to be in good health without any major medical conditions. This is a surgical procedure that requires the use of general anesthesia, so it’s vital that you don’t smoke and that you lead a healthy lifestyle. And you also have to have some excess tissue that Dr. Cuzalina can extract with liposuction, so patients who are on the more slender side may not be eligible for this procedure. Gluteal implants are a reasonable alternative for patients that do not have adequate fat to graft.  Good candidates for the Brazilian butt lift are also looking for a more natural looking and feeling result that can’t be achieved with other butt-enhancement approaches like gluteal implants.

With a Personalized Treatment

And speaking of natural, the ability to customize each Brazilian treatment gives Dr. Cuzalina the power to provide you with the most realistic outcome possible. Since the extracted fat can be precisely injected anywhere in the buttocks area, he can ensure that you get the fullness and volume that you want and where you want it. But the first step to realizing this transformation is your personal consultation with Dr. Cuzalina. He will evaluate your anatomy and determine where excess tissue can be extracted. He’ll also establish how much fat is needed to give your butt the fullness and lift that you desire.  Dr. Cuzalina has given over 25 lectures on Gluteal enhancement including ones on how to keep it safe as well as lectures on ethnic diversity in creating the ideal buttock for a given individual.


Brazilian Butt Lifting was initially considered just as safe as any other fat grafting procedure.  However, there have been several cases of fat embolism particularly in Florida where the procedure is most popular, but also in sporadic cases throughout the country in the last few years.  Fat embolism is life-threatening if it were to occur and most surgeons realize this and take all precautions to prevent the occurrence.  Hopefully, doctors performing a BBL understand how important it is not to inject deep into the muscle where bigger veins are located.   Dr. Cuzalina has given multiple lectures specifically on prevention of this potential issue and has just completed a research study from the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery diplomates that shows the procedure can be performed safely with proper technique. The procedure does work very well and its rapid exciting popularity created very large numbers of this procedure being performed suddenly all over the country in the last 3 years.  Fortunately, both Cosmetic and Plastic surgery organizations have quickly educated their diplomates about potential concerns and ways to prevent future problems. Dr. Cuzalina has been on the leading edge of speaking about how to maintain safety for a procedure that can make a wonderful aesthetic difference to patients.

The Brazilian Butt Lift in Tulsa, OK

If you’d like to learn more about lifting and enhancing your butt with a Brazilian butt lift, please contact us to schedule your initial consultation today at Tulsa Surgical Arts. Dr. Cuzalina and his qualified team are here to answer all of your questions and concerns about this or any other procedure he offers.   This is one of Dr. Cuzalina’s most common procedures.  He loves the wonderful change his patient’s see when their waist gets smaller and their gluteal region gains the curves they have always wanted.






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