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Boost Your Bosom with a Breast Lift


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When it comes to their breasts, women are more and more opting for altitude over amplitude. With over 92,500 procedures in 2014 alone—the number of breast lifts, also known as a mastoplexy, have increased by 75% over the past fifteen years. What does this mean? Instead of enlarging their breasts through augmentation, women are instead choosing to ‘boost’ their existing breasts.


At Tulsa Surgical Arts, we have experienced an increase in women who do not want more volume, instead, they just want the volume that they have put back into place. Designed to raise and reform the breasts—appropriately named, a breast lift seemingly lifts breasts into a perkier, more youthful position.

Over time, gravity takes a toll on your breasts. Factors such as pregnancy, aging, and genetics can lend to sagging breasts. Similarly, as the skin loses elasticity, it can no longer support the breast—causing the breast to sag. With it, nipples droop, often pointing downward rather than straight ahead.  A breast lift reverses this by removing excess skin, redistributing breast tissue and fat, and restoring the breast to a higher position. In addition to creating an upright and firm breast, a breast lift can reposition and reshape the areola and nipple. 

How Do You Know?

To see if a lift may be necessary, try these simple at home tests:

  •          Without a shirt or bra on, stand in front of a mirror and look at your nipples. If your nipples      are lower than your breast crease, chances are you will need a lift.
  •         Place a pen in the crease underneath your breast, if the sagging tissue holds the pen in place without the use of your hands, you could likely benefit from a breast lift.

Is a Breast Lift Enough?

Many women choose to combine their breast lift with an augmentation or a breast reduction. Are you happy with your breast size? Try this trick: Put on a regular, non-padded, non-pushup bra. Do you like what you see? If so, you most likely need only breast lift. However, if you feel that your breasts are either lacking or exceeding in volume—combining your breast lift with an augmentation or reduction may give you more satisfactory results.

Ready, Set, Lift

As an experienced cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Cuzalina is highly adept to helping you achieve your breast lift goals. Working closely with you, Dr. Cuzalina will design a breast lift that exemplifies and restores your natural figure. Curious to see how a breast lift can rejuvenate your bosom—schedule a consultation with Dr. Cuzalina today.







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