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Angelo Cuzalina, MD

Cheek Augmentation

Prominent cheekbones are associated with a youthful and attractive appearance, and the skin over the face is analogous to a drape. The underlying skeletal structure determines the shape of the face. In some individuals, this framework is not as pronounced as in other individuals, and they may appear to have a flattened face or small, recessed chin.

As aging occurs and tissue degrades, the middle of the face can also become flat and wrinkled. Cheek augmentation can be a viable solution for those who are facing this issue of aging. At Tulsa Surgical Arts in Tulsa, OK, our surgeons specialize in the augmentation of certain facial features – one of those being the cheeks.

Benefits of Cheek Augmentation

Cheek augmentation is designed to help correct problems associated with aging and development in order to create healthier looking skin and a more structured, better defined facial contour. Our surgeons at Tulsa Surgical Arts provide a long-term solution for inadequate cheek projection by offering cheek implants.

Our cosmetic surgeons are able to add facial implants to the facial skeleton to accentuate the areas of the cheekbone, chinnose, and the angle of the lower jaw. By performing these skeletal augmentations, they can re-drape and tighten the skin of the face. This result of this procedure is a more youthful appearance without the need for more extensive skeletal reconstructive surgery.

What to Expect During Your Cheek Augmentation

Cheek implants come in many sizes and shapes, and depending on the area to be augmented, our surgeons will help guide you in making the appropriate aesthetic decision based on your specific needs. Typically, the implants are made out of a permanent solid material developed to last.

This cosmetic surgery is performed by inserting the implants through hidden incisions inside the mouth, between the upper lip and the gums, and settling them into a pocket created over the bone. The implants are secured to the bone with one or two small titanium screws to ensure that they do not migrate after your surgery.

Recovering from Cheek Augmentation

Results are evident immediately.  However, some swelling and bruising may occur, and it may take 3-4 months for these side effects to subside. Nearly 80% of the final result should be visible after just one month. After healing, the implants feel as if they were part of your own cheekbone structure.

Learn More About Cheek Augmentation

When you are ready to come in for your consultation with one of our cosmetic surgeons, we will go over all your concerns and questions so that we can better educate you about cheek augmentation. Contact our Tulsa office today to schedule your appointment.