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Facial Reconstruction Tulsa OK

Soft tissue and skeletal injuries to the face, head and neck are not uncommon occurrences and patients with them often suffer emotionally from the physical disfigurement. 

Specific methods of facial reconstruction will depend largely on the type of injury and the kind of tissue that needs to be repaired. Many injuries that only involve the skin and soft tissues may just require scar revision or scar camouflage techniques. 

More complex trauma may involve boney reconstruction or a combination of boney and soft tissue reconstruction. Many times the reconstructive surgery requires multiple operations to achieve the ultimate desired goal for both function and appearance. 

Top cosmetic surgeon Dr. Cuzalina is uniquely qualified and skilled in facial reconstructive surgery in Tulsa, OK. Tulsa Surgical Arts provide a high-level of expertise in restoring an aesthetic appearance. During your consultation visit we will discuss the surgery required for your injury and outline what results are realistic. We are not on any insurance plans and are considered out of network providers. You should call your insurance carrier to see if they will pay for services for out of network providers. For further insurance and financial information, see the information in the section for new patients.