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Gluteal Implants Tulsa, OK

Gluteal implants are used to augment the gluteus maximus muscle area and give a more appealing shape to glutes or buttocks. The buttocks are supposed to be an area that retains body fat and contributes to the prominence of the buttock cheeks. But a lack of muscle mass or a certain curve of the lower spine can give the butt a less appealing profile – specifically one that lacks projection.

Many otherwise fit or physically active people lose fat in their buttocks and as a result, they find their shape less than ideal. Others find that their genes have prevented development in the buttock area. Gluteal implants in Tulsa, Ok can alleviate the dissatisfaction associated with these characteristics.

How is gluteal implant surgery performed?

The implants are placed through an incision and sit beneath the fascial covering of the gluteus maximus, positioned high enough so one does not actually sit on them. Extra care is taken to ensure scars from the incision are discreet. Typical surgery time is 2 hours, under general anesthesia.

Results are dramatic - implants mimic the feel of physically fit gluteus muscles, and they exhibit a prominent and appealing shape. We always aim to find a balance for the patient and a natural; look, as if they had been adorned that way without surgery.

A substantial part of recovery is spent lying on one’s side. This is accompanied by some tenderness and swelling, which subsides in a few days.

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