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Hair Replacement Procedures in Tulsa to Restore Your Youthful Look

Hair Replacement Tulsa

Hair loss is one of the most obvious signs of aging and it may be making you feel self-conscious about your appearance. If you have a receding hairline or are noticing bald patches appearing around your scalp, schedule a hair replacement consultation in Tulsa with Dr. Cuzalina to learn about some of the latest hair restoration treatment options available. Dr. Cuzalina offers the innovative Sunetics laser hair restoration procedure, a very safe and effective treatment for both men and women experiencing hair loss. Laser hair restoration procedures can deliver better results than hair transplants, and the Sunetics treatment plan can help to restore that full head of hair.

Benefits of Sunetics Laser Hair Replacement Procedures in Tulsa

Unlike hair transplantation procedures that involve moving individual hairs from other parts of the body to your scalp, the Sunetics laser hair replacement procedure is designed to stimulate new hair growth. It is an FDA-approved laser light therapy that works to strengthen the hair follicles as we age. The machine is placed over your head to emit low-level light energy to the scalp for about 20 minutes. You will start to see gradual results as your hair grows faster thanks to the bio-stimulation process prompted by exposure to the laser light waves.

Some of the top benefits of Sunetics laser hair replacement procedures include:

  • Non-invasive procedure
  • No downtime
  • Does not require any transplants
  • Appropriate for men and women suffering from hair loss
  • Produces natural-looking results
  • Restores a full, natural head of hair painlessly

Booking Your Hair Replacement Procedure

The first step to book your hair replacement procedure in Tulsa is to come in for a private consultation. Dr. Cuzalina can determine whether you are a good candidate for the Sunetics laser treatment after learning more about your hair loss experience and key concerns. You will learn more about how this innovative procedure works, and how many sessions you will need to get the results you want.

Seeking professional treatment when yo hare experiencing hair loss can be the most effective way to restore that healthy head of hair you once had. If you want to maintain a youthful look without the risks associated with hair transplants, schedule your hair replacement consultation with Dr. Cuzalina today!






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