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Angelo Cuzalina, MD

How ThermiVa® Makes Vaginal Rejuvenation a Breeze

Aging, childbirth, and even urinary incontinence are all reasons why a woman might consider vaginal treatment. At Tulsa Surgical Arts, we want all of our female clients in Oklahoma to be able to improve their vaginal health without any unnecessary fuss. For this reason, Dr. Cuzalina recommends ThermiVa® for those busy moms and women out there. You might be surprised how ThermiVa makes vaginal rejuvenation so simple. 


The Simple Process

How can vaginal rejuvenation be accomplished without surgery you might ask? ThermiVa uses radio frequency energy to heat and tighten the tissues in and around the vaginal area. The energy released from ThermiVa’s specially designed handheld device will stimulate collagen growth to create a tightening effect in your targeted area.

The process is quick, and most importantly, very comfortable throughout the entire treatment. This simple procedure also helps women easily fit the ThermiVa treatment into their busy schedule as it takes only 30 minutes!

No Surgery = No Downtime

We know that a long recovery time is not ideal and might even impact your decision about whether you want to pursue a vaginal rejuvenation treatment at all. ThermiVa’s uncomplicated process makes recovery quick and easy.

Simply come in to our Tulsa office for a quick 30 minute treatment with our professional team and leave without any downtime. You don’t need to worry about taking time off work, interrupting your exercise schedule, and won’t even need to avoid sexual intercourse afterwards.  When you don’t need any recovery time, prioritizing your vaginal health becomes an easy decision.

Results That Are Worth It

ThermiVa results are exciting because they can restore confidence and can address a variety of different vaginal concerns. Physically, ThermiVa can treat vaginal laxity, labia looseness, urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, and dissatisfaction with appearance. When these physical concerns are alleviated, many women also experience improvements with increased sexual sensation and pleasure as well as increased comfort during intercourse. And, of course, emotionally, we see ThermiVa give women a restored positive body image and a confidence that can’t be shaken.

Experience Rejuvenation in Tulsa Today

ThermiVa is changing the way many see the vaginal rejuvenation process. If you’re interested in experiencing a body image boost with ThermiVa that restores your confidence, schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Cuzalina today. 







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