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If your biggest concern this holiday season is people eyeing your aging hands as you open gifts and carve the turkey, Tulsa Surgical Arts can help you achieve youthful hands without any surgery.

Younger Looking Hands Without the Knives

Other than the face, the hands are one of the first places where signs of aging become apparent. An injectable filler like Radiesse is an effective way to achieve the youthful hands of your past without having to undergo surgery.

Whether you’re carving the turkey, hanging ornaments on the tree, handing your credit card to the cashier at the mall, or opening presents, all eyes will be on your hands quite a bit this holiday season.

With age, volume is gradually lost in areas of the hand. This causes your tendons and veins to be more visible, resulting in an aged appearance that can often leave a person feeling shy and awkward about them.


Radiesse to Rejuvenate Your Aged & Veiny Hands

Hand surgery is a popular solution for correcting trauma injuries (lacerations, fractures, etc.), as well as disabling conditions of the hand such as carpal tunnel. If what you are looking for is aesthetic hand rejuvenation, invasive surgery is not quite necessary. The same treatment that is popularly used for adding volume to the face, can also be used to add volume to the hands in order to lessen the visibility of veins and tendons for a more youthful look.

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