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Lower Face Lift and Neck Lift for Large Necks

Lower Face & Neck Lifting for the Super Saggy and Bigger than Average Neck

Neck lifting sounds like a simple expression that likely implies one specific thing, yet it can actually be very complex and involve a variety of options. One thing is certain, creating a lifted beautiful neck and lower jaw line on some patients with a very large neck or super saggy neck requires special skills beyond that needed for mild age related changes.

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Name Games

When someone says they want or had a ‘facelift’ the meaning is highly subjective and varies by patient and surgeon. Most who say ‘facelift’ likely are talking about a procedure that uses incisions under their chin and around their ears to lift the jowls and neck only. That is why I prefer to say lower face and neck lift for this procedure since it does not typically lift much in the upper half of the face nor does it really improve lines around the mouth. But, it can dramatically lift droopy jowls and neck skin and deeper tissues. Some people like to say a ‘full’ facelift to imply maybe the upper face was lifted too. In actuality that is really 2 different procedures, one being a forehead / brow lift and the other the lower face /neck lift. Occasionally an isolated ‘necklift’ alone is performed but it is not as common because most people who have a sagging neck also have sagging jowls just above that they prefer to treat at the same time.

Extreme Necks

Really big necks or massive sagging requires some particularly advanced training and experience to obtain spectacular results for this select group of patients. Some people have called this the ‘Diva’ lift, but regardless of cute names, it is a challenging procedure with potentially amazing and positive life changing results.

Technique Specific Maneuvers

One critical part of the process is the ‘submentoplasty’ portion of the lower face and neck lift that is performed thru a small, well-hidden incision under the chin. The allows access the address the platysmal muscle as well as the deep fat that is proportionately in more abundance in the ‘genetic’ neck. Some patients with poor neck profiles will say there family members all tend to have the ‘obtuse’ shaped neck that basically goes almost straight down from chin to chest and lacks the nice angulation seen in models.

The platysma muscle often requires partial resection followed by direct excision of the deep or subplatysmal fat in this group of patients. Occasionally even an overgrown portion of the submandibular salivary gland must be reduced to achieve the most ideal neck and jawline. These technique requires special instrumentation as well as advanced training, but the results can be a great neck and jawline. In some people, even a perfect diet and exercise program could never correct these specific types of deformities. It is one of my favorite surgeries because of the major benefit potential. So many people often assume they are just born to have a poor neck contour. It is amazing to see the excitement of someone who gets positive physical changes they never thought possible.


Expect bruising and swelling around the neck

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