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Revitalize Aging Skin with the Miracle Micro-Lift

Is your skin looking a bit less-than-stellar these days? Are you suffering from common signs of aging, like dull and sagging skin? Now you can get back your former tight, glowing exterior with the Miracle Micro-Lift at Tulsa Surgical Arts today.

More Than Just a Facial Treatment

The Miracle Micro-Lift is a proven way to safely revitalize aging facial skin by targeting wrinkles, lines, laxity, uneven texture, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and acne scars. It does this by creating thousands of microchannels with very fine insulated needles that release powerful radio frequency (RF) energy deep into the dermis, encouraging your body’s own natural healing activity. These amazing benefits aren’t just limited to the face – this facial treatment is also an effective way to treat sagging, wrinkled skin around the neck area. You can soften lines while tightening up drooping jowls to better define your jawline and chin, restoring a more youthful overall appearance.

Am I a Good Candidate?

The very best way to find out if this procedure is right for you is by scheduling a personal consultation with Dr. Cuzalina to discuss your specific skincare needs and goals. Ideal candidates for treatments with the Miracle Micro-Lift are those who want to smooth and firm up the skin but don’t need more intensive surgical procedures like a facelift or neck lift. Candidates should also be in good health, not smoke, aren’t suffering from active acne, and aren’t pregnant. The Miracle Micro-Lift is appropriate for all skin types, even tanned skin.

Quick and Easy Treatments

Minimally invasive treatments with the Miracle Micro-Lift are a breeze. Rejuvenating sessions for the face only take about 30 minutes, and just 15 minutes for the neck, so you can easily fit a treatment into your busy schedule. With minimal downtime, you won’t have to be stuck on the sidelines waiting for your skin to heal. Most patients are back to work and following their normal routines the next day.

Add PRP for Increased Benefit

While the Miracle Micro-Lift is extremely effective at rejuvenating the skin on its own, you can enhance your treatments even more with platelet-rich plasma (PRP). By adding PRP to your session, you can reap greater tissue regeneration and collagen production, while boosting the procedure’s effectiveness overall.

Make Your Skincare Products More Effective

As an extra bonus, treatment with the Miracle Micro-Lift will help make your skincare products more effective. By opening up tiny microchannels in the skin, all of your expensive serums and moisturizers will be able to penetrate deeper into the dermal layers where they provide the most benefit. You’ll notice that your products will go on more evenly and you won’t have to use as much, saving you precious time and money in the long run.

Skin Rejuvenation with the Miracle Micro-Lift in Tulsa

If you’re interested in learning more about rejuvenating treatments with the Miracle Micro-Lift or one of our many other skin renewal options, Dr. Cuzalina and his dedicated team are here to help you achieve your cosmetic goals. Please contact us at 918.392.7900 to schedule your initial consultation today at Tulsa Surgical Arts.






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