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Angelo Cuzalina, MD

Saline Breast Implants

Saline breast implants consist of a silicone-based soft shell that is filled with a saltwater solution. Saline implants come in a variety of shapes and sizes and offer different choices about the amount of projection.

Some women believe that the firmness of saline implants makes them somewhat indiscreet, but others desire that firmness and choose them for that reason. 

Are saline breast implants right for you?

Saline implants can provide increased fullness in the upper part of the breasts, and they are particularly appropriate for women with a significant amount of their own breast tissue, especially when placed under the muscle. Another advantage of saline implants is their flexible size. Since they are filled during surgery, your provider can adjust volume so that excess skin can be sculpted smoothly over the implants. This can help provide the optimum amount of breast fullness and shape. 

How are saline implants used in breast augmentation?

The implants are placed beneath the breast tissue and carefully positioned, then they are filled with the sterile saline solution. The amount of solution used determines the volume and final size of the implant. Because they’re inserted before being filled, they require a relatively small incision for placement.

Are there other important considerations?

Choosing properly sized implants is a very important decision for both patient and surgeon. To help this process along, we’ll evaluate your existing breast tissue to determine what size can be accommodated. 

Although saline implants have been used and considered safe for many years, smart choices need to be made in order to achieve a safe and attractive result. Tulsa cosmetic surgeon Dr. Cuzalina welcomes the opportunity to discuss concerns you may have and will answer your questions about breast augmentation. You can also review photos of breast augmentation results during your initial consultation.

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