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Non-Invasive Radiofrequency Rejuvenation

The revolutionary, non-surgical benefits of ThermiAesthetics are now available at Tulsa Surgical Arts. These targeted radiofrequency treatments are effective at rejuvenating and tightening your skin in different areas of the face and body for a more youthful, well-contoured appearance. We all get older and eventually succumb to the effects of aging, but this doesn’t mean we can’t feel confident about the way we look anymore. With procedures like ThermiVa®, ThermiSmooth® and ThermiTight®, you can now enjoy incredible, age-defying results without having to undergo invasive surgery or lengthy recovery periods.

Using the non-surgical ThermiRF™ system, Dr. Cuzalina can effectively and precisely heat your body’s subdermal tissues to stimulate your natural healing response and improve the look of your skin over time. The ThermiAesthetics procedure that is right for you will depend on which areas you are looking to treat. Dr. Cuzalina will work with you to achieve the youthful results you want.


Skin Laxity Treatment

One common problem that many men and women face as they get older is a sagging or drooping of their skin as it loses its youthful tautness and elasticity. ThermiTight can be used to improve skin laxity in areas such as the back, abdomen, arms, face, neck, and the thighs. To perform your ThermiTight procedure, Dr. Cuzalina will carefully insert the ThermiRF SmartTip™ probe beneath the skin to heat the subdermal tissue. This process helps to smooth and tighten the surface of your skin for a youthful, well-contoured shape.

Depending on the area of your treatment, the ThermiTight procedure should take no longer than an hour. Once complete, you should be able to return to normal levels of activity as soon as the next day.


Wrinkle Treatment

Facial wrinkles are among the most common – and most stressed about – problems people face as they get older. ThermiSmooth is a radiofrequency treatment by ThermiAesthetics that uses the ThermiRF system to smooth the skin’s surface and do away with problems such as nasolabial folds, crow’s feet, and vertical liplines. Dr. Cuzalina uses the ThermiSmooth RF handpiece to deliver targeted heating to the subdermal tissues by moving it across the surface of your skin in circular motions. This process helps to promote your skin’s natural collagen production. This procedure is absolutely non-invasive, and the sensation is often compared to a warm massage.

Depending on your unique situation, your ThermiSmooth procedure should take no longer than a half hour or so. Dr. Cuzalina can treat smaller areas of the face in just five minutes. Multiple treatments may be necessary to achieve your desired outcome. Once your ThermiSmooth treatment is complete, you should be able to resume normal activity without any downtime.


Vaginal Rejuvenation

A woman’s self-confidence is truly critical to how she feels about her body and how comfortable she is with intimacy. Many women are self-conscious with the appearance of their intimate areas as they get older or after they have had children. ThermiVa is a unique radiofrequency treatment for external (labial) and internal (vaginal) rejuvenation of the female body. Using temperature controlled heating, Dr. Cuzalina and his trained female staff can provide you with real, beautiful results in as little as three separate non-surgical treatments over three months.

Many women often want to do something to feel better about their bodies, but are often turned away by the idea of surgery. ThermiVa offers them a great opportunity to achieve their desired benefits and experience a life-changing boost in self-confidence. With proven results and no downtime, ThermiVa is a procedure for every woman looking to reclaim her body from the effects of life.

ThermiAesthetics in Tulsa

For more information about any of the Thermi radiofrequency procedures offered at Tulsa Surgical Arts, please contact our office to schedule your consultation with Tulsa board certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Angelo Cuzalina.