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Top Reasons Modern Men Are Seeking Cosmetic Surgery


Cosmetic surgery isn’t just for women. The modern man cares about looking and feeling his best, which is why we are seeing more men walk into Tulsa Surgical Arts looking to enhance their appearance. If you are curious about the most popular procedures for men at Dr. Cuzalina’s Oklahoma practice, we are about to let you know the top reasons why men seek cosmetic surgery.


To Reverse the Aging Clock

Men struggle with the aging process just as much as women do. For many men, the main concern is around the eyes. Excess skin on the upper eyelid or puffy bags below the eyes (or both!) could leave you looking tired or drowsy despite how you really feel. This is why many men seek out upper and/or lower eyelid surgery at Tulsa Surgical Arts. By removing that excess skin, men not only feel youthful and confident once again, but many even see much better as well!

To Frame the Face

Another popular procedure among men is nose surgery. Many of our Oklahoma clients come into our office telling us that they are dissatisfied with their current nose shape or size. Dissatisfaction with the nose can make your entire face feel “off” –being that the nose is front and center. Reshaping the nose with a cosmetic nose surgery can not only restore a man’s sense of confidence, but make him feel like an entirely new man.

To Slim Down All Around

Having stubborn fat around the body can be very frustrating. For men looking to slim down, liposuction is a fairly popular procedure because it allows fat to be removed without large scars. Liposuction helps remove fat from the stomach, face, neck, legs, and other areas of the body by physically suctioning the fat from the body through a small cannula. Having a slimmer physique can help many feel much more comfortable at the gym, more confident in a suit, and more content as they go about their daily activities.

To Contour the Chest

A strong, firm chest is one of the most popular goals for men to achieve. Unfortunately, for men with enlarged breasts or excess skin and tissue on the chest, that is a nearly impossible goal to attain even with good diet and exercise. Male breast reduction surgery can be a life changing procedure for these men by removing that excess skin and leaving a firm, contoured chest. Simple things like wearing fitted clothing or taking one’s shirt off at the beach are now much more accessible for these men.

Men Can Benefit Too!

Cosmetic surgery procedures can get a strange reputation for being designed for women. However, at Tulsa Surgical Arts, we know this isn’t the case. We see so many men walk out with restored confidence after their procedure–which is why we want to raise awareness that men can benefit too!

If you are interested in eyelid surgery, nose surgery, liposuction, male breast reduction, or other cosmetic procedures, please don’t hesitate to schedule your initial consultation with our knowledgeable team today. 







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