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What Are Vaser Liposuction and Smartlipo?

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Vaser lipo, or high-definition lipolysis that uses variable ultrasonic energy pulses to liquefy stubborn fat, is commonly used by Dr. Cuzalina.  In addition, Smartlipo, or laser-assisted lipolysis, is a minimally-invasive body sculpting procedure that harnesses the power of laser energy to break up dense pockets of fat in your body. Dr. Cuzalina commonly uses Smartlipo to target fatty deposits in small areas, including the face, neck, and knees, and Vaser liposuction for larger areas.

Understanding Laser & Vaser Liposuction

Smartlipo is often referred to as laser liposuction because it uses laser energy to liquefy your fat cells. The laser is contained within a small tube called a cannula. Once the cannula is placed inside your body, the laser gradually heats up and dissolves your fat.  

Vaser liposuction, or high-definition liposuction, uses blunt cannulas that emit strong ultrasonic energy pulses to liquefy stubborn fat, especially in previously treated areas, areas with scars or male gynecomastia reduction.

 Either technique helps make make it easier for Dr. Cuzalina to suction away your fat cells.

Melting your fat cells before treatment stimulates your body’s natural healing response, causing the surrounding skin to coagulate. The result is a more contoured figure as well as:

  • Shrunken collagen
  • Tighter, smoother skin
  • Less bleeding, swelling and bruising

Smartlipo & Vaser Liposuction vs. Traditional Liposuction

At Tulsa Surgical Arts, we use traditional liposuction, Vaser liposuction and Smartlipo to remove unwanted fat from our patients’ bodies. All procedures effectively eliminate body fat that’s resistant to diet and exercise, but they do have some distinct differences:

  • Technique: Traditional liposuction uses a cannula and manual power to break up and suction away fat cells. Smartlipo emulsifies your fat cells with heat from a laser, making them easier to remove.

  • Candidates: Both procedures are ideal for patients who want more tone and definition, and patients for both should be at or near their ideal body weight. Since Smartlipo also tightens skin, it works well on older patients with less skin elasticity and patients looking to improve the appearance of mild cellulite.

  • Treatment areas: Both Vaser liposuction and Smartlipo can be done nearly anywhere on your body, but Smartlipo is best for precisely shaping and fine-tuning small areas. In most cases, Smartlipo can be combined with traditional liposuction for comprehensive results. Vaser liposuction can treat almost every area of the body, as well as neck, to liquefy larger volumes of fat and improve general contour.

  • Procedure: Patients are fully sedated with general anesthesia for traditional liposuction or any technique that may involve larger areas where your comfort would be best under anesthesia. Vaser or Smartlipo patients treated very limited and small areas often receive only local anesthesia, unless multiple or large areas are being treated; the procedure takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour per area.

  • Recovery: Patients often return to work immediately following Vaser and Smartlipo, but they may need up to a week of rest after liposuction. In general, any type of liposuction will be sore and swollen post operatively. Most look nice and improved even after just a few weeks, but large areas can take up to eight months to fully shrink to the final size and shape.

  • Results: Vaser or Smartlipo causes typically less swelling and bruising, so results can be seen earlier. Based on the nature of the procedure, traditional liposuction tends to cause more moderate swelling and bruising. However, you should still notice results fairly soon and will continue to see improvements as your body heals.

Every patient’s needs are unique, which is why we offer many forms of liposuction at our practice. Dr. Cuzalina also offers J-Plasma, Renuvion® immediately following liposuction by using plasma energy mixed with helium gas to further enhance any liposuction treatment and improve overall skin shrinkage compared to any liposuction technique alone. To help you weigh the benefits of each and determine which one is right for you, schedule a consultation at our office.

Why Choose Dr. Cuzalina

Dr. Cuzalina is a triple board-certified cosmetic surgeon who has a passion for body contouring procedures. He’s written and lectured extensively on various body sculpting treatments, including liposuction. Dr. Cuzalina’s expertise helps him advise patients on the best form of liposuction for their surgical goals and medical needs.

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