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Why Winter Is a Great Time to Consider Cosmetic Enhancement

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Always a great debate: when is the best time of the year to start your cosmetic surgery journey? While there is no right or wrong time—the winter season does provide an excellent opportunity. Although not necessarily better, the winter months often prove to be more convenient, easier, and comfortable for our patients at Tulsa Surgical Arts.

“Why?” You ask. Here, we discuss three reasons that make winter a great time to consider cosmetic enhancement.

Lives are Less Hectic

More invasive procedures that require an adequate recovery period are often difficult to fit into a busy schedule. After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, the winter is relatively calm for most men and women. Kids are back in school, there tend to be fewer social obligations, and recreational activities are limited.

Key to the success of your procedure is a restful recovery. You are far more likely to enjoy cuddling up and snuggling-in during the colder months. Likewise, the dreary weather outside often alleviates the “fear of missing out” feeling that can be rampant come summer.

Sunless Days

While we may miss the sun in the dead of winter, the lack of sunlight is actually beneficial to post-surgical recovery. Any exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays can slow and prolong the healing process. Similarly, your incision sites are amazingly sun-sensitive—with no sun in sight, they are less likely to permanently scar.

Sweater Weather

Our winter wardrobes make it easy to hide any lingering side effects. Heavier clothing and multiple layers can help cover up areas that are still healing and help to camouflage any post-surgical swelling, bruising, and redness. With some procedures, surgical dressings may need to be applied or you may be advised to wear compression garments by Dr. Cuzalina. Often cumbersome in the heat, not only does the cooler weather make it easier to conceal these garments, but it also makes them far more comfortable and bearable to wear.

Start Your Journey at Tulsa Surgical Arts

Whether you are seeking facial rejuvenation, a rejuvenated bust, a slimmer figure, or a more curvaceous physique—winter is a great time to start your cosmetic enhancement journey. To learn more, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Cuzalina







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