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Angelo Cuzalina, MD


This is a 33 year old Hispanic female patient of Dr. Cuzalina who underwent a Brazilian Butt Lift and is shown before and 2 months after surgery.   She had a total of 3000 cc’s of fat removed from her hips, waist and mid back / bra rolls via liposuction.  Following harvesting the fat, Dr. Cuzalina  fat grafted (re-injected) her using 900 cc’s of fat per side.  Dr. Cuzalina uses the Well’s HVP fat harvesting and re-injection system that greatly improves safety, efficiency and results.  The fat was injected into the buttock as well as the sides of her thighs and buttock.  Due to ethnic diversity, Dr. Cuzalina often fat grafts the buttock of a Hispanic patient differently than that of a Caucasian or African American patient.  Most Hispanic or Latino  patients such as this lady prefer Dr. Cuzalina to inject more fat in the lower half to one third of the buttock compared to other ethnicities.  The goal for Dr. Cuzalina is to safely make each patient happy according to their unique desires.  A comprehensive knowledge of buttock anatomy and a good knowledge of different gluteal shapes and ethnic diversity is mandatory when performing Gluteal Augmentation with fat grafting (Brazilian Butt Lifts).






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