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Sclerotherapy in Tulsa OK

Leg Vein Therapy

Treating unwanted spider veins and varicose veins can improve many women's self-confidence. At Tulsa Surgical Arts, we offer combination treatment for spider veins. We typically use a foam sclerotherapy technique in Tulsa, OK that is occasionally combined with YAG laser therapy, depending on your particular needs. We will first meet with you in consultation to determine what treatment is best suited for you.

The foam sclerotherapy procedure is performed in our office and typically takes 30 – 45 minutes. The veins are injected with a foamed vein sclerosing solution using a very fine needle. The procedure is not overly painful. Some patients choose to take an oral sedative such as Valium before the procedure to make it more comfortable.

After the procedure, your legs will be wrapped with a flexible dressing. We then ask that you go for a walk for an hour in the mall or outside. Later that evening you can remove the elastic dressings and place on compression stockings. You must purchase the thigh high 30-40 mmHg compression stockings before your procedure. You can find these online or at local medical supply stores.

It is recommended to wear the compression stockings 24 hours a day for 2 weeks to minimize the likelihood of vein recurrence. Most patient do however require a series of 2 to 3 treatment sessions spaced approximately 6 weeks apart.

As with any procedure there are risks. The most common problems are bruising and swelling. Occasionally patients can develop minor skin ulceration that can lead to scarring and hemosiderin (pigmentation) deposit in the skin. The brown discoloration of the area treated is caused by the iron pigment from the red blood cells being released and staining the skin. This usually disappears in a few months but in 1% of patients the pigmentation can last longer than a year.

Most patients, with realistic expectations, are very satisfied with the treatments. It is not realistic to expect every vein to disappear and new veins can form with time, so additional treatments may be necessary.

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