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3 Facial Surgery Procedures for a Youthful Look

Facial Surgery Tulsa

If you are worried about the signs of aging creeping up on you, consider some of the latest options for facial surgery in Tulsa. Our team of cosmetic surgeons at Tulsa Surgical Arts can recommend procedures that will create a more balanced and symmetrical look for your face. We can also perform procedures that will tighten loose skin and enhance collagen production to create a more contoured and aesthetically pleasing look.

Here are three facial surgery procedures that can help you achieve a youthful look:

Eyelid Surgery

Otherwise known as blepharoplasty, this is a popular procedure for correcting sagging or drooping of the eyelids. Any level of laxity of the skin around the eyelids can cause drooping eyelids and dramatically affect your appearance. Eyelid surgery involves removing excess skin and any excess fat if necessary. In some cases, we may also perform a laser resurfacing procedure to tighten the skin.

Cheek Augmentation

Many people lose facial volume as they age and can end up with sunken cheeks or loose skin. If you want to achieve a more contoured and defined look, talk to us about the benefits of a cheek augmentation procedure. This facial surgery procedure in Tulsa can restore tissue volume and enhance the cheekbones to create a sculpted, youthful look.

Fat Grafting

Loss of facial volume and fat around the cheeks, nose, and mouth can add years to your appearance. We can perform a facial fat grafting procedure that involves extracting fat you’re your abdomen, thighs, or buttocks, and re-injecting it into the face. This serves as an alternative to dermal fillers and injectables, and can be a very effective facial rejuvenation procedure.

If you want to achieve and maintain a youthful look but aren’t ready for facelift surgery, talk to us about some of the latest options for facial surgery in Tulsa. We offer several procedures that can rejuvenate your look with minimal downtime! Set up your consultation today.






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