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African-American Cosmetic Surgery Becoming More Common

African-American Cosmetic Surgery
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More and more African-American men and women are having cosmetic surgery in the face of historical norms, as over 70% of cosmetic procedures are typically performed on white patients. This dramatic change was recently documented in an ABC News 20/20 cosmetic surgery special report.

One of the potential reasons for this ratio is the healthiness of African-American skin. As a result of natural protectants, African-American skin ages with fewer cracks, wrinkling and marks. This may have contributed to the decreased market for African-American cosmetic surgery. Despite this genetic advantage, Botox and body contouring procedures are now increasing.

Popular African-American Cosmetic Surgery Options

One of the more popular cosmetic surgery options for African-American patients is the butt lift. This procedure involves the removal of fat deposits from trouble areas like the stomach and the re-injection into the tissue of the buttocks. The butt lift gives a firmer, more youthful looking appearance to the area.

Other popular options include various forms of breast reshaping, including breast augmentation and breast reduction or repositioningRhinoplasty, or the cosmetic reshaping of the nose, is also a commonly requested procedure.

Botox, or botulinum toxin injections, have been an extremely common procedure. The 20/20 special report paid a visit to a dinner party in Beverly Hills, CA, in which Botox injections were given to African-American party guests. These guests reported that they were lining up for the procedure despite cultural pressure that said they shouldn’t.

One guest, Linda Caradine-Poinsett, stated that she believed African-American women are still “in the closet” about these procedures due to “cultural stigmas.” She then added, “I’m amazed at how comfortable I’m starting to feel about having cosmetic surgery.” With the numbers of African-American cosmetic surgeries increasing, that mindset seems to be spreading.






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