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Women want voluminous lips—and while many of aren’t blessed with a naturally plump pout, there are now many cosmetic treatments to help you attain enviable lips.

Proportion, Definition, & Volume

Through lip augmentation, Dr. Cuzalina is able to subtly enhance your lips and add a natural appearing fullness. Many women fail to realize that lip augmentation will not only add volume to their lips, but will also improve the proportion and definition of their lips.

Another benefit? Lip augmentation can also help improve the appearance of the delicate skin surrounding the lips. A fuller lip can help fade the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that have formed around the mouth.

3 Ways to Augment Your Lips

Dermal Fillers

When injected properly, dermal fillers can give your lips a rejuvenated youthful fullness. Commonly, fillers used are formulated of hyaluronic acid (HA), a naturally occurring substance in our lips. Dermal fillers are temporary—generally lasting three to six months. However, recent studies have shown that the added hyaluronic acid triggers the body’s natural HA production—giving your lips a lasting voluminous appeal.

Surgical Lip Augmentation

Hoping for a permanently plump pout? Dr. Cuzalina can place implants to provide you with long-lasting results. Implants are inserted into the lip and manually molded to mimic the natural shape of your lip. Various implant sizes are available—giving you control over your lip’s final look.

Fat Grafting

Similar to an implant, fat grafting will give you long-lasting results. Using excess fat from your abdomen, thighs, or buttocks, the fat is purified and then carefully injected into the lips. Some consider fat to be more pliable than traditional implants—enabling Dr. Cuzalina to better contour your lip shape. Using fat grafting, Dr. Cuzalina is better able to carefully shape and sculpt the fat to ensure the best possible results.

Hello Hot Lips

Each of these three options is a great way to improve your appearance. Working closely with you, Dr. Cuzalina promises to plan your lip augmentation according to your wants and desires. Ready for luscious lips? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Cuzalina at Tulsa Surgical Arts and be well on your way to covetable lips.







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