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Sunetics Laser Hair Restoration

Non-Invasive Hair Loss Treatments in Tulsa

As you grow older, you may find yourself in an unfortunate battle with hair loss. Male pattern baldness affects millions of men in the United States. Many women suffer from hair loss as well. In the past, losing your hair often meant going bald or changing your hairstyle in an attempt to distract from the thinning hair. For those who did undergo hair restoration, their results were often less than spectacular, and the transplantation procedure gained a reputation of being very painful. However, hair restoration procedures have evolved significantly from what they were years ago. Tulsa cosmetic surgeon Dr. Cuzalina uses Sunetics laser hair restoration for quick, safe, and effective solution to your hair loss problems.

The Hair Loss Problem in the United States

We all know somebody who is going bald – if not ourselves. It is a problem that affects about 35 million men in the United States. And for women who thought they were alone, 21 million American women are suffering from hair loss as well. What is even more surprising is that just a small fraction of these men and women are currently seeking professional treatment – just 811,363 men and women worldwide.

Why so few? Going bald or losing one’s hair has always been a touchy and sensitive subject for those who are dealing with it. Many times, they would rather try and hide their problem than seek professional treatment. This is because of the painful, awkward looking results that are associated with older hair restoration procedures. Not many people are aware of the changes and advancements that have been made to hair restoration over the past several years.

People are not seeking professional treatment because they are okay with being bald. Instead, it is because they are unaware of treatments like Sunetics laser hair restoration that can provide them with a full, natural looking head of hair without the pain. In fact, when surveyed, 47 percent of hair loss sufferers claimed that they would spend their life savings if it meant regaining a full head of hair. Another 60 percent said they would rather have more hair than their friends.

Luckily, with Sunetics, you can have the full head of hair that you desire, and it won’t cost you your life savings.

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What Makes Sunetics Laser Hair Restoration in Tulsa, OK Different?

Unlike hair transplantation and other known methods of hair restoration, there is no painfully invasive procedure needed with Sunetics laser hair restoration in Tulsa, OK. This is because rather than moving hair to your head from other areas of your body, this hair restoration treatment actually stimulates new hair growth.

How? Sunetics uses FDA approved laser light therapy to energize hair follicles that have weakened with age. This process of Bio-Stimulation allows for men and women to achieve outstanding, natural-looking results without even needing their hair to be touched. The machine is simply situated above the head to focus low level light energy on the affected scalp during your 20-minute treatment.

Laser Hair Restoration in Tulsa

If you have been looking for an answer to your problems with hair loss but have been scared away or discouraged by older hair restoration treatments, now is the time to look into the non-surgical and painless laser hair restoration procedure. In just 20 minutes per treatment, you can achieve a full, natural head of hair. Men and women can finally take back their self-confidence and put an end to their problems with baldness.

Want to know more about Sunetics laser hair therapy? Give Dr. Cuzalina a call and schedule your consultation.